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Mass Mayhem

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massmayhemMass Mayhem is a rather funny flash game where you play as a terrorist who is going to kill people by blowing yourself and using different weapons. Even though that the game is made in a funny cartoonish style, many people enjoy playing it every day. Remember that as the game contains scenes of violence, it is not a good idea to let small children play it. To Play the Mass Mayhem game you must use Left And Right arrows for moving your character, then set the angle of your rocket launcher or other tool using arrows and click SPACEBAR to make a shot. You can even control your rocket during flight with the arrow buttons or you can explode the rocket before it hits the ground, using spacebar. In order to get points, try to make combos by destroying as many things as you can. Points can be spent in special game shop to upgrade your skills and weapons. Mass Mayhem is not just a game for fun - in each level of this game you have a specific task which you should complete to move to the next level. Enjoy the Mass Mayhem as well as other versions of this game at MassMayhem.Org